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Thread: Pianobar Config File - UNSOLVED

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    Wink Pianobar Config File - UNSOLVED

    When editing pianobar I found the file '/usr/share/doc/pianobar/contrib/config-example'

    Here is a copy of what it looks like

    # This is an example configuration file for pianobar. You may remove the # from
    # lines you need and copy/move this file to ~/.config/pianobar/config
    # See manpage for a description of the config keys
    # User
    #user =
    #password = password
    # Proxy (for those who are not living in the USA)
    #control_proxy =
    # Keybindings
    #act_help = ?
    #act_songlove = +
    #act_songban = -
    #act_stationaddmusic = a
    #act_stationcreate = c
    #act_stationdelete = d
    #act_songexplain = e
    #act_stationaddbygenre = g
    #act_songinfo = i
    #act_addshared = j
    #act_songmove = m
    #act_songnext = n
    #act_songpause = p
    #act_quit = q
    #act_stationrename = r
    #act_stationchange = s
    #act_songtired = t
    #act_upcoming = u
    #act_stationselectquickmix = x
    # Misc
    # mp3, mp3-hifi or aacplus
    #audio_format = mp3
    #autostart_station = 123456
    #event_command = /home/user/.config/pianobar/eventcmd
    #sort = quickmix_10_name_az
    Here are my questions..

    1. Where exactly should I put the file, and what should I rename it?
    2. The reason I am doing this is to automate my login credentials so I don't have to type "" "MySup3RpassW0rdz" every time I want some tunes, maybe there is a better way?


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    Re: Pianobar Config File - UNSOLVED

    From your home directory
    cd .config
    mkdir pianobar
    gedit config
    When gedit opens put the following in the file:
    password = <replace this including brackets with password in plain text>
    user = <replace this including brackets with email address used as user name>
    Save and exit.
    Try running pianobar, you should be all set.

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    Re: Pianobar Config File - UNSOLVED

    I agree with TheOneEyedMan. You should basically create a config directory for pianobar, then put the file "config" in that directory. So the entire path will be located at ~/.config/pianobar/config.

    Also, you can comment and uncomment the rest of the commands as you like. You can even set new shortcuts.

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