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    Hidden Asset (isometric assassination/stealth game) ALPHA TESTERS WANTED!

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    Original first post:

    I've been working on this game for a good year now, and writing a few blog entries and making some development videos now and again. My latest video has a minor shout-out to Ubuntu, so I thought I'd post a link to it here.

    The game is being made for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

    About the game (copy-pasted from my site):

    Hostile Takeover is Laserbrain Studio’s first commercial game. It takes place in a not-too-distant future devastated by a global economic crisis. In a desperate attempt to counteract this crisis, the world’s governments agreed to grant all large corporations immunity from prosecution. This was meant to free corporations from the oppressions of control and legislation but instead cast the global business world into deadly conflicts. Now, no longer inhibited by law, corporations wage war. And within this new world, a new occupation has seen the light of day: corporate assassin.

    You are such an assassin. Working for whoever hires you. Killing whoever they tell you to. You will infiltrate businesses. Shoot up offices. Assassinate CEOs. No mercy. No doubts. It’s all just business.

    Presented in a third-person isometric perspective, Hostile Takeover will be a throwback to classics like Fallout, X-COM and Syndicate. You will control your character in a real-time environment, sneaking around corporate buildings and avoiding security guards before dealing a final deadly blow to your target. As you progress through the game, new equipment will be purchasable for the money you make.

    Hostile Takeover is currently in development. It will be available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. No release date has been set, but you can follow the game’s development on our blog.
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