The synopsis from my detailed blog post on how I got this machine working - and working really well:

The info below should tell you most of what you need to get kubuntu 11.10 working on the Acer Aspire Timelinex AS4830-tg 6450, which currently has an MSRP of $729 USD but can be found cheaper through some retailers. Itís working great! I donít see why they wouldnít work for a normal ubuntu 11.10 install. These instructions should be valid for similarly kitted Acer Timelinex laptops, like the AS3830TG-6424, the AS5830TG-6402 and other models with optimus switchable graphics.

I love this laptop - it's light for its size, kubuntu is working great and it lasts FOREVER on battery power. The pros FAR outweigh the cons.