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Hi Amjjawad,
Re: Your Article: How to Avoid Wubi & Install Ubuntu on USB Drive
I have recently installed Ubuntu 11.10 on to a USB drive based on your excellent description in December 2010 about 'how to avoid Wubi'. (Everything seems to be working as it probably should).
What I am wondering now is that as the Bootloader is located in the MBR (ie. sdb) on the USB is it possible to install a second operating system (eg. Fedora 16 desktop) on to the same USB (subject to the USB being big enough) so that when the Grub2 menu appears it may be possible to choose between Ubuntu (from the USB), Windows (from the HDD) and, say, Fedora (from the same USB)?
(At the moment I have put Fedora 16 on to a second USB - I am simply trying out both Ubuntu and Fedora for the first time to see which one I will stick with for the future but it would help if I could choose them from the same USB rather than needing 2 USB's).
Hi there

Thanks for your nice word and for your post.

Yes, you can and it's really great idea to do that.
I haven't tested Fedora 16 yet and not sure what they have done with the option whether to install or not to install the bootloader? Fedora, unlike Ubuntu and its variant, gives you an option to install its bootloader to the MBR or NOT to install it at all. With Ubuntu and its variant, if you won't install the bootloader to the MBR then you must install the bootloader to the same partition where you have installed your system on.

Fedora 16 now uses GRUB2 (finally) and I need to test that.
Anyway, whether Fedora still have the same previous options, just make sure not to install its bootloader to the MBR of your USB.

After Fedora's installation is done, reboot, login to Ubuntu and run "sudo update-grub" and that should do the job.

Sadly, I don't have large size USB Drive to test that. Theoretically, that should work.

Please let me know if you need more assistance