Hi all.

I've spent last 5 days browsing around this forum and internet, but all I could find are either messy and unclear (at least for beginners) answers or solutions that don't work. So please forgive me if I'm repeating already answered questions, I just wasn't able to find any solution this far.

I just bought Acer Aspire 5830TG-6614 with a sole intention to run Ubuntu on it. I tried installing Oneiric on it a couple times, every time with the same problems, probably related to the GeForce Mobile Graphic card GT 540M, switchable with Intel HD Graphics 3000. I'm saying probably because as a beginner I can't possibly be positive.

First, in my System info, it reads "Graphic: Unknown". Any idea why that happens?

Then, animations simply suck. I don't get any minimize/maximize/open/close window animation.

The Unity Application switcher is missing. When I try the ALT+TAB switcher, all I get are small and very ugly icons of open windows.I wanted to make some screenshots, but failed (don't know how to capture the screenshot while doing the alt+tab switching).

After fresh install of Oneiric, I got a notification that additional drivers are available. Fine, the official driver is shown as installed and already active. I might switch to the post-release drivers, but I didn't want that and I just left it as it is. Then after rebooting, the Additional Drivers tool shows that "There are no proprietary drivers in use". How come? Why do my drivers disappear?

I also noticed that my lap top heats up ridiculously and the battery runs out perhaps 3 times faster than on Windows.

Searching for the solution, I've found out about the Bumblebee project and the Ironhide project. If I'm not mistaking, I should find one or the other package, install it and that way I should have support for my Nvidia graphic card in Ubuntu. Am I correct in thinking so?

Unfortunately, I just can't find the way of installing any of those. How do I do that? What's the difference? Which should I use? This far I've found out that previously there was the Bumblebee project which is dead now and was succeeded by a new project called the same (?!), and another project called Ironhide. Where do I find those and which one should I use? How do I install them?

I've tried downloading drivers from Nvidia's website, but I end up with a .run file and I have no clue what to do with it. Is it a good idea to install that at all?

I've tried searching for Nvidia drivers in Ubuntu Software Centre, where I can find Nvidia binary X.org driver (version 185), but if I try to install it, I get a message that it's not found. Why does that happen? How do I fix it and should I install those drivers at all?

The worst thing of all is that I have Oneiric installed on my USB stick, and Unity works flawlessly. Animation, 3D, Application switcher, everything! How is it possible that I get better (much better!) performance if I run Ubuntu from a USB stick than installed on my hard drive? If I run Oneiric from USB, then I see very well that my hardware is capable of running Unity with no problems, so where am I doing wrong?

In my BIOS I have an option saying:

Graphics: Integrated / Switchable

Would changing that help? If so, when? Before installing Ubuntu? I tried changing it after which once I wasn't able to boot up Ubuntu any more, and another time I saw no changes.

There are a few other problems that are less important or I think I solved them, and there certanly might be some other problems that I'm still not aware of. Any help is more than appreciated.