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Thread: Running a sync task once a day

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    Running a sync task once a day


    I have a fairly easy question, but for some reason can't get it working properly.

    I have a bash script that uses rsync to sync folders from a server to a nas storage device once a day. The script works fine, but if I add it to crontab it only runs for an hour then stops the script. I know I hade a stupid mistake somewhere, is there a specific part in the crontab command that's supposed to make it run for more than an hour that I need to add?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Running a sync task once a day

    Are you sure it runs for an hour and doesn't encounter an error that stops the script from working?

    The cron environment is different from your user's environment, so I try to use full paths whenever possible.

    Can you post the crontab entry and the script you are using?
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