I am using lubuntu 11.10, and it cannot see my uPnP USB printer, an HP psc 750 all-in-one. The last 3 or 4 releases of Ubuntu find the printer automatically and print to it without problems.

This is a data file that was generated during unsuccessful attempt to "find printer":

Page 1 (Scheduler not running?):
{'cups_connection_failure': False}
Page 2 (Choose printer):
{'cups_dests_available': [], 'cups_queue_listed': False}
Page 3 (Local or remote?):
{'printer_is_remote': False}
Page 4 (Choose device):
{'cups_device_listed': False, 'cups_devices_available': {}}
Page 5 (Locale issues):
{'printer_page_size': None,
'system_locale_lang': None,
'user_locale_ctype': 'en_US',
'user_locale_messages': 'en_US'}
Thank you ahead of time for your help!