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Thread: SVN sshtunnel using old lan ip: where to change

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    SVN sshtunnel using old lan ip: where to change

    I have a subversion service setup on my computer.
    On my old lan the computer's ip was
    On my new lan the computer's ip is
    When I issue a svn command it is picking up the old ip and giving me an ssh error saying that there was no route to host.
    I set up the service a couple years back and am not sure where svn is getting this ip from.
    I've checked
    ~/.subversion/config <-only thing I did here was to add the non-standard port to the ssh command
    and my aliases.
    Does anyone know where svn might be picking up the old ip and where I might change it to the new ip.
    I know that I can write out the ip in the command and it'll work but would like the shorthand method.
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