I downloaded for my Mum's computer, because it has a limited processor (1GHz) and needed a lightweight distro.

Anyway. I find customizing it a pain, and not nearly as easy as Gnome v2. My questions are:

~ How do I get the Gnome Menu applet for (LX11/LXDE)?
~ How can I get to the file system easily (I have put an applet on the task bar, but would like to know of an easier way).
~ How do I put Trash on the desktop (LX11/LXDE). I was going to see if Ubuntu Tweak would work, but haven't tried it yet.
How do I change/make a photo desktop background (LX11/LXDE). I right-clicked on the picture while in the image viewer, but it dosen't seem to have to option to make it a background, so I'm stuck with the default blueish/gray screen.

I managed to put Firefox on the desktop by going to menu and setting it to desktop, had to right-click and drag it to the desktop, and I also managed to change the them to ClearLooks. The system needs a lot of work IMO.