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Thanks for this useful thread! Bookmarked it.
I'm using LUbuntu 64 bit in my big machine since Natty, and I like to find places with related info like this.

Other than myself, quite some of my gnu-linux friends prefer it simple and light, rather than the way gnome3 and unity are evolving. So I think there's a nice place awaiting for LXDE (&XFCE) Ubuntu in the next future.

Thank you JC for your nice words, appreciate that. I'm glad that you found what you were looking for. I made this thread because, me as a user, I need something like that so I have to think about others too

Yes. I'm one of those who prefer to keep it simple, short, light and easy. All that I found in Lubutnu so I just love it.

Send the link to your friend (this thread) and ask them to join the unofficial page on facebook and the official page too.