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Thread: odd freezing issue

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    odd freezing issue

    First of all, I'm not sure if this is the proper place, if it is not, please, forgive me.

    Ok, I bought recently a netbook accer aspire one (choice by the cheapest) which came with win 7 starter.

    As I do not like windows but couldn't remove it I installed, at the time the latest version, ubuntu 11.04.
    First using Wubi, experiencing lots of freezing, than properly installing it, the problem became less frequent.

    So I gave up a while until Ubuntu Oneiric was released.
    Installed, updated, everything seemed fine. And yesterday the problem back.

    I've looked in syslog, dmesg, kern.log and the only things I saw that were 'wrong' was a warining about about bluez and an erro while trying mount /home=remount.

    But this happen when it start properly as well, not only when it freezes at login screen (even in text mode).

    I boot in windows to look for a solution and when restart to boot in ubuntu it did not freeze at all.

    So this morning I made a test:
    1- Boot ubuntu first: it freezes.
    2- Login in windows and restarting
    3- Boot ubuntu again without any problem.

    My conclusion from this is that I can only start ubuntu after boot windows first, which doesn't make sense for me at all.
    So, any one have any idea, experienced anything similar because I don't know what to do!

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    Re: odd freezing issue

    i hope you does not still run wubi but a real install

    what give: sudo jockey-gtk

    you should have your graphic driver activated and in use.

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    Re: odd freezing issue

    Quote Originally Posted by dino99 View Post
    i hope you does not still run wubi but a real install
    yes, I'm using a real install since 11.04.
    As for the graphic driver, it's not active 'cause when I've tried activating it (ATI Radeon) it screwed up everything to the point that a second install (erasing the whole content of the root directory and also creating, this time, a partition for /home) was faster than trying to solve it.

    As I said before, this really doesn't make sense. How possibly booting in windows first will make a reboot to ubuntu work when boot direct to ubuntu won't.

    (I've done this test again since I posted, same result!)

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