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Thread: ubuntu 11.04 freezes

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    ubuntu 11.04 freezes

    I have 64-bit ubuntu 11.04 running on a ThinkPad 520 laptop.

    Occasionally, it freezes -- I cannot use the keyboard or mouse anymore.

    I had this problem twice. Once I played some flash movie in mozilla and the system froze, so I installed Adobe flash after that.

    Second time, I was making an LibreOffice presentation.

    This is part of my syslog -- I cannot attach the whole file.

    It complains about alsa player?

    I would appreciate if someone could give me an idea what's wrong or if they had similar problems with their ubuntu installation.
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    Re: ubuntu 11.04 freezes

    I think I found a solution, which is to use ubuntu classic desktop with no effects. I had no freezings since.

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