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Thread: Graphics Resolution- Upgrade /Blank Screen after reboot

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    Re: Graphics Resolution- Upgrade /Blank Screen after reboot

    Need help!

    I am relatively new to Ubuntu -- started with 11.04. This was my first upgrade, so I was unaware that there could be so many problems with the online upgrade. I'll know better for next time.

    Anyhow, I too have the blank purple screen on boot and, worst of all, my keyboard freezes as soon as I attempt to boot. I can't boot from LiveCD or USB, because I can't get to a menu to switch the 'boot from' option. I have reset the mobo a bunch of times, after which my keyboard can get me to the Boot Menu but, after that, it becomes useless again and just goes with the default choice after countdown, which causes a reboot and then, blank purple.

    My keyboard is a wired USB, so there's no help to be had there. Eventually, I might find the problem to be with my nvidia GTS 450 graphics card, but I can't try booting without it, because I use an HDTV as my monitor and the GPU is the only thing that has the appropriate mini-USB cable connection.

    Honestly, I don't even know where to start with this. It's been one week today since my machine went down and it's going to start negatively affecting my work very, very soon. Does anyone have even the slightest of notions of what to try first? Thanks in advance!!
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