Dear non-believers,

Prepare to be amazed...

I friend of mine gave me loads of .flac files recently. This is because I purchased a Sansa Clip+ (which I'm really happy with)!

The only trouble is that there was one album - the Inception soundtrack, as it happens - which refused to play on my Clip. So... I decided to re-encode it using 'flac -f sample-rate=44100'. It didn't work. The Clip could still see the files. It could read the ID3 info. It simply wouldn't play them (no problem with other .flacs, either)! It cycled through them like they were in some way corrupt. They played fine on the computer though!

So... I tried stripping files of their metadata using 'metaflac --remove-all', changing their sample rate again using flac, changing their compression to 5 using flac, converting them into massive .wav files and converting them back again, and... eventually... even simply converting them to MP3s. The Inception files wouldn't play on the Clip as MP3s, either!! This actually crashed the damn thing and I had to reformat it! Infuriated, I tried similar stuff using foobar2000, soundconverter and soundkonverter (which, I have now discovered, are very different from each other). As it turned out, the Inception files wouldn't play in any format on the Clip. Even though all other files play very happily.

I have come up with a tentative conclusion: this is the work of Satan. His minions dwell within the files themselves. Changing the format does nothing; the demons will not be shaken.

Everything else works just fine on the Clip so I have simply given up and moved on to ripping my only System of a Down CD - Toxicity. Which I rather like. I'm listening to it now. In .flac format! Sigh. I've got some more stuff by Hans Zimmer, too, and that works fine on the Clip. So it's definitely not Zimmer's fault, either.

If anyone would like to mine this file (it's called 'mystery.flac' but it's actually the first track off of the Inception album) in order to deliver it from evil then... by all means... have a go!

Best regards,