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Thread: Language indicator flags on 11.10

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    Language indicator flags on 11.10

    Hi Guys,

    Has anyone been able to replace the keyboard layout indicator from language abbreviations to flags in 11.10?

    It's a small thing but it really bugs me.

    In 11.04 I got it to work, but after a clean install of 11.10 I'm once again flagless

    I followed the instructions at: (Scroll down to update 2) but no luck.


    Boy this is frustrating.
    I set the option to show flags in the gconf configuration editor.
    I created ~/.icons/flags
    I've tried extracting the desired icons to ~/.icons/flags and also into a folder within ~/.icons/flags with the icon set name (ubuntu-mono-light).
    I've changed icon sets. Trying both via the Appearance manager and the Advanced Setting application which I think is the gnome-tweak-tool.
    I've logged out and also restarted.
    I still can not get the icons to show up!
    I do now have an icon set named Flags that appears in my list of icon choices under Theme in the Advanced Setting application, however that seems to be the same as the Gnome icons.

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    Thank you,
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