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Thread: 10.04 lucid trash applet gone

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    10.04 lucid trash applet gone

    new install of lucid, in use ok for a couple of days.

    just started up and got error window complaining about

    I chose not to delete it
    took a screenshot of the error window.

    How do I get the trash applet back?
    good news: rebooted and it re appeared
    bad news: have now lost keyboard and mouse responses! Ahh!!

    reboot: trash still visible ok and keyboard is back again. Mouse and keyboard are ps2.
    I am having some times when the mouse is freezing, but an additional usb mouose works ok.
    As a precaution I have just bought a usb keyboard, to try if/when I loose the ps2 keyboard again.....
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    Re: 10.04 lucid trash applet gone

    Hmmm.. I just got this error message at boot time, and will update whether I have any lingering problems.


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