I want to use the bash in my Ubuntu and an ssh connection to recover part of the previous configuration of another Linux system. I have two versions of the same small Linux system for the same PC. One is Linux-A, which is the default configuration with a correct sound configuration, and the other is Linux-B, which has many further and desired configurations but the sound is misconfigured. So I want to copy as much as I can from A's sound configuration to B. I tried and copied several files from A to B and also deleted files in B whcih were not in A, hidden and not hidden, but still B's sound system is misconfigured and there's no sound.
Since there are many more sound files I want to run a more complex command or series of commands to do this task.

The basic idea would be to delete all the files with names "*sound*" or "*alsa*" in B and copy all the files with those names from A to B. There are normal files and hidden files in many different directories and maybe internal links. I would like to save all those files from A in a tar ball, zip file or similar, and then extract them in B. I know rsync, find and cp are good tools for that But I don't know how to use them so that there are no broken links and to make the needed directories when copying the files.

Is there anyone willing to help me?