Hi guys, I am having a strange problem with my Ubuntu 11.10 installation.

I did an upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 with no problem, everything worked perfectly except from the thing that anytime I got connected to the Internet using my wifi router the wireless radio of the router stopped working. This was happening only when my laptop connected to the Internet neither of my other devices were having this problem, in fact they were connected using wifi until it stops working.

I did a fresh install then, thinking it might have been some sort of damage package resulting from the upgrade but this keeps happening. I have never had this problem before and everything was working perfectly until the upgrade to 11.10.

I did reset my router, reconfigured everything again and it keeps happening, I can have my ps3, iPad, iPhone, etc. all of them connected to the wifi but when the laptop get connected the router stops, even on the cable connection so I don't know if you guys have any ideas of what could be happening.

Thanks in advance.