I'm very happy to have a native DVD Shrinker, but I already have some problems with it, usability wise.

Let me say first, that so far, the thing works, I have successfully shrunk 2/3 DVD's to .iso

K9Copy (repository version)
1. The interface is clean, but it's too stripped down. The open button should be more clearly reserved for reading the CD. There must be a better icon to use for that, and it should be called READ DISK or something, to be more obvious.

2. When I tried to save the file to my media drive, I was told that I can only save files locally, and the window closed. There was no way of bringing the read DVD back into the k9copy interface. I saw what would seem to be the right folder in /tmp/kde-nalmeth, but the files were way to small to be right.
The work was lost effectively. I'll try to file a bug if this isn't fixed in the newer version.

3. When I went through copying the disk again, I saved it "locally" in my /home. Then to my suprise a window pops up saying "Burning to DVD".

This threw me off, because typically that would mean you're burning to a DVD. Or so I would think.
I saw that my drive wasn't trying to do anything, and knew I already had a written disk in the drive, so I left it. At the end, the .iso is sitting where I wanted it.

Suffice to say, I really think the wording of the saving window should be "Ripping to .iso", or just "ripping". Anything but burning, you're doing the opposite. And as I said I think the Open button should be more clearly related to READING THE DISK. I guess all in all it's just a bit of an immature interface. The important thing is that it does the job.

I like how you can burn the shrunken image right in the same interface, but since I don't have a working burner ATM I haven't been able to test it.

I'd like to try the new one out to see if anything with the interface has changed.

Anyone else a little confused by k9copy at first?