My Ubuntu server (Oneric) box is sat sitting vastly under utilised. It's currently running as an FTP server and also has DNSMasq installed, so I thought I'd go about setting up a media server, but have hit so many brick walls it's unreal!

  • I've used firefly in the past, but mt-daapd is no longer maintained
  • I tried Ampache but could not for love nor money to get it to stream a playlist (It would create a playlist and add to it, but you can't add to a currently playing list on the fly, or I'm doing something very wrong!)
  • Thought I'd have a crack at forked-mtdaapd but that lacks a web interface.
  • Jinzora looked good but their site never seems to load from here.
  • VLC is a no go as it's Ubuntu server so no GUI

So, the question is, what else is there out there?

I need something that will ideally stream music and movies (music is more important though) and will let me add to a playlist whilst it's currently playing.

A web interface for my family is a must.

For the time being, it will be streaming to other PCs but other devices may come along at some point.

Any suggestions are more than welcome!