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Thread: my ubuntu is broken help!!!

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    my ubuntu is broken help!!!

    i just try to install the new version on my pc, but while the installetion i turned off(accidentally) the pc and when i turn it on, I get the ubuntu loading screen then I get a black screen and nothing more.... y let the pc 20 minutes and nothing

    y really need help. i have very importan information, plis help..... thanks

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    Re: my ubuntu is broken help!!!

    Can you get into a virtual console using Ctrl-Alt-F1? If that works you may be able to finish the upgrade.

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    Re: my ubuntu is broken help!!!

    Boot with the live CD of Ubuntu so you will be able to easily browse your file system, and backup your user files to a USB drive or networked computer if you have one available.

    Once all your data is safe off of your hard disk, reboot and do a full installation again being sure not to interrupt it by resetting or powering down your computer.

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