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Thread: Screen brightness set to min makes install impossible.

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    Question Screen brightness set to min makes install impossible.

    Hello. I'd love to upgrade from Maverick to Oneiric, but screen brightness is set to minimum at startup and it makes installation impossible because I can't see a thing. I mean, I run Oneiric from a CD or USB stick, I can see the screen with the small keyboard and a person symbol at the bottom, then I press any key and I can choose my language, then I choose to try Ubuntu without installing, and seconds later the screen goes blank. Then I can hear the startup sound, but the screen is still blank. I try to increase the brightness from the keyboard, but it doesn't work. When I watch the screen carefully in front of an intense light or an open window, I think I can see Unity's panel and launchers there. I can even open and close dialogue boxes by clicking randomly on the desktop, but they look just like darker spots on the screen.

    Had the same problem with Natty.

    Maverick is working wonderfully.

    My laptop is a PackardBell Butterfly XS, with Intel video. Actually, everything is Intel in it.

    Thanks in advance.
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