Hello. With the release of 11.10, I have decided to give Ubuntu another go. I downloaded the amd64 desktop iso and burnt it at 4x speed. However, during the installation, it seemed to just stop at the final part of the installation. I thought I ran into a problem, rebooted and tried again with the same issue.

At this point, I thought it was my disk so I downloaded another iso and did md5sum and it checked out fine. Again I burnt it at 4x speed and ran into the same installation problem. I rebooted and walked away from my machine for about an hour, thinking it would go to Windows because I was not sure if GRUB was installed at the end or middle.

When I return, I am sitting at the new Ubuntu login screen and am left thinking if it is going to be fully functional even if the install did not seem to complete all the way. If anyone has had experience with this and has input, it would be greatly appreciated.