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Thread: Firewire Camcorderr Capture Through USB

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    Firewire Camcorderr Capture Through USB

    Hi, I'm running Mint 11, which works pretty much like an Ubuntu distro, so I'm assuming any solutions here should do for me, correct me if I'm wrong on that as well.

    I have a JVC GR-D850UB camcorder that I used to broadcast live on a MacBook via livestream, conecting the camera through it's DV firewire port.

    I wish to try it on my compaq notebook running mint, that does not have FireWire ports.

    So I went on ebay and (now I'm starting to think naively) got myself a firewire to usb adapter cable. I suppose the cable is working just fine.

    So I plugged the dvd end on the JVC camera, plugged the usb end of the cable to my notebook, turned on the camera, set it to REC mode, and got absolutly nothing on "dmesg | grep usb". Setting it to PLAY mode made no difference eiter.

    So I'm supposing there was no understanding between both parts.

    What I guess that I want to know is if there is a way to, using only software, simulate the processing of the firewire standard (IEEE1394) data, through the usb2.0 port, so that the computer gets to recognize the raw data from the camera, in order for me to stream the data in tools such as

    If there's absolutly no way to do this and the only way is to indeed get a firewire card, that would end this thread quickly, but I'd end up sad! Hope someone has some clever solution to it.

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