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My number is 722-C52kk LU.SFT02.117.
Searching on google points to a site where says it's 1024.[/QUOTE]

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Now I don't even know why I thought it has a bigger resolution, it's not even written on the box.

Thanks for making things clear for me!
I bought the 1024x600 on Pixmania online shop and they made the mistake to say it was 1280x720, because of that, I did return it and got my money back! After I bought from another online shop that provided the Serial Number of the product so I verified and trusted it was 1280x720.

Maybe you can do the same... return and get a correct one! I had an Acer Aspire One 110 that is 1024x600... and there is an HUGE difference for the 1280x720!!