Whoa there bucky; I'm making a suggestion, not sniping. F/LOSS moves very fast sometimes and often leaves less well-informed users wondering where to get up-to-date info on their software. I've been using GNU/Linux for 9 years now and have had to play catch-up often enough to be used to it now, less experienced users of GNU/Linux may well be caught off-guard by this.

I was suggesting that anyone posting in this thread to help should be conscious of this. And trying to acknowledge to anyone following this thread to seek help that there have been some serious changes in the FFMPEG utility that may lead to frustration, and they should be aware of it. The base of user documentation will catch up before too long and everyone will be rockin along with the improvements.

As to the other assertion; yes all software changes and advances but proprietary software usually doesn't go through radical changes without much fanfare and a conscientious effort to iterate versions so that people looking for updated info are not confused. In the Free-Software camp however this almost never happens. It simply is not possible with all the vendors and iterations/versions of the same software still in circulation.

This is only made more problematic for some people by the fact that various projects seem to stay consistent in improvements & bug-fixes while other projects seem to lurch forward from time to time with significant changes that create ripples in related efforts. Progress is progress though, and due to the nature of co-operation needed for these things to move, I will absolutely take this occasional difficulty over stagnation any day of the week.

So, just cool your jets man. I'm on the right side of this.