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Thread: 9.04 powerpc ltsp-build-client fails

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    9.04 powerpc ltsp-build-client fails

    Trying to build an ltsp environment on a G5 server. When running ltsp-build-client I get the error message "Couldn't download dists/jaunty/main/binary-powerpc/Packages"

    After several hours of putzing around I was able to get past this by running "ltsp-build-client -- mirror"

    However, after progressing along nicely for a bit it then fails again when trying to retrieve files from I think the necessary files are actually located at

    How do I also tell ltsp-build-client to look for these packages at it appears that this is called from a script that is built in /opt/ltsp/powerpc earlier in the process (the powerpc directory doesn't exist prior to running the ltsp-build-client script).

    New to unix so I apologize if I am not describing things quite right. I've only been able to find "me too" type posts on this topic, but no solutions yet.

    Thanks and have a great day.

    Rick Davis

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    Re: 9.04 powerpc ltsp-build-client fails

    ltsp on ppc is a pretty big clusterf*ck. A few of us have tried to get cross-arch to work to no avail. I'd be very interested in how much success you have with ppc as both server and client.

    Thread where we were working it:

    Workaround for your problem:

    Next bug you'll probably run into:
    It says it's fixed, but it isn't. You'll have to download the dummy .deb and add it to the script as done in the comments. (note that the example 030-early-packages has the dummy named acpid.deb
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    Re: 9.04 powerpc ltsp-build-client fails

    This sounds like more trouble than it is worth so it will go to the back burner for now. I have several PowerPC's to test it with, but a co-worker is more interested in old HP's for thin clients. Which appears to be an easier project, so we'll be working with that for a while first.

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    Re: 9.04 powerpc ltsp-build-client fails

    It seems building a PowerPC client has been broken for quite some time. I attempted to install 10.04 Alternate with LTSP (using expert mode) on a G4 and it will not build a client image. I may attempt to build one by hand.

    It appears the software sources are not set up properly on the mirrors either. Maybe I could build my own local mirror and attempt to restore the client builder script's functionality for PowerPC.
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    Re: 9.04 powerpc ltsp-build-client fails

    Anybody have anything to add to this? I'm at the same part, but I did some things differently.

    Instead of building the client, I found a link that looked like it had it already built. So I nabbed it and followed their instructions. Bingo. I'm left with a PPC chroot.

    I updated the image, updated the sshkeys, and edited my dhcp file to resemble what was in the last example here:

    But still my iBook just spins and spins and eventually times out and boots up to normal mode.

    Does anybody have any idea how I can get this system fired up and working? I intend to port the chroot to an Intel based server for final production but until I get it working I figured I'd leave it on the old eMac I have here.

    Working with Ubuntu 10.04 PPC.

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