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Thread: HowTo: Revert from grub2 to Legacy Grub.

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    Re: HowTo: Revert from grub2 to Legacy Grub.

    Quote Originally Posted by kansasnoob View Post
    I just had a silly thought. Were both the 64 bit and 32 bit installation media produced with Unetbootin?

    I don't currently have 64 bit hardware to test on, but I will have in a few weeks. In fact I have a new mobo and CPU coming next week, but I have Oneiric testing to complete in the meanwhile (eleven days left to go) and I need to decide what case and other peripherals to use once I get it

    But I very strongly suspect a problem with the installation media, no idea if it's an Ubuntu bug or something to do with Unetbootin.

    Once we get a solid partitioning plan in place I think it would be wise to create a new 64 bit Live USB using your newly installed 32 bit with Ubuntu's own "Startup Disk Creator" just to be sure it's not a problem with how Unetbootin is handling the creation.

    And always check the disk/USB integrity as previously explained

    BTW, oldfred is very darn good at partitioning layouts
    My long reply is still being composed, so to answer you now, YES, I used Unetbootin. I also tried the Ubuntu Startup Disk creator before - same results. Infinite loop at POST. So using Unetbootin & the Ubuntu startup disk creator in my Dual Boot PC (Maverick x64 / Windows 7 x64) yielded similar results, at least on my hardware. I hope you can get your 64-bit HW soon, so you can confirm also. My notebook is using AMD E-350 APU, I'm not sure if there may be differences.

    I had checked the Live USB data integrity first before install. I'm inclined this is a bug (I might be wrong though). If so, at least it might be fixed before Oneiric.
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