I tried installing Lubuntu on a dell Precision 410, (with a "diamond fire gl pro 1000 video card")
Because the standard gui install gave an error I tried the minimal install


In the begin it asks me to choose a character video mode, first I think I choose like I saw it on the current screen: 30 lines by 80 columns
I walked through the entire installation process 2 times, the second time I choose the least eager setup: 25 lines by 80 columns.

I can do the whole install character based screens (no gui) after the installl at first boot, I see a blinking cursor, where I think the gui should be.
Switching to the character based consoles with ALT+CTRL+F2-ALT+CTRL+F6 is not better:
I see only gibberish on the screen, som spots in the left upper corner that I suppose should look like "login:"
I was even able to login with the user I created during the setup and do a sudo -i

tried a "reset" commando in the CLI, but no luck: still gibberish, it aren't even characters, at least nothing that I ever saw before, no latin, no cyrilian, no korean, no arabic

I tried puppylinux (http://puppylinux.org)to see if that would work, this gives me a nice gui with the live cd and also with a local install.

I wanted to install a ubuntu variant to use it for gcompris.

Any suggestions welcome,