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Thread: E17- gtk theme

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    E17- gtk theme

    I installed E17 yesterday and am loving it so far. I have already read this thread
    and I was wondering. How do I change the gtk theme without using gnome-theme-manager? The current native gtk theme, when alongside the beauty of E17, looks hideous. How do I change that? Also, is it possible to completely kill gnome altogether while I'm in E17?

    Some other less important problems I have:
    *E17 doesn't know how to open any kind file other than .desktop apps.
    *When I try to select which application to open a file, nothing happens.
    *The wallpaper won't change.
    *Are there some native apps for E17, like an image viewer, a terminal, a text editor, a file manager, a network manager? I don't want to have to use the gnome native apps all the time.

    Thanks in advance for whoever can help me with this, or my various other problems.
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    Re: E17- gtk theme

    E17 is incomplete and in heavy development . I have used the core packages from the Ubuntu repository , which don't allow the installation of E17 themes . You end up with a mixture of E17 applications and Gnome .

    I am now using the PPA at the link , Which does allow the installation of E17 themes , but it is still a mixture of Gnome and E17 .

    If you would like to try a Ubuntu 10.04 based distro that comes with E17 see the link . This may be the best way to get the latest E17 applications .

    With the PPA you can install themes from this site .
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