I have a PCMCIA Belkin wireless card that serves two functions:
1. Wireless adhoc networking of my 3 computers. Works great.
2. Wireless internet when at a hot spot.

My home internet is via dialup with a USR usb modem.

For quite some time now ,maybe a year, my dialup has been SloWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I'm mean forever to load pages that that have more then the average content.
I discovered that if I unplug the wireless card before boot up my dial up is back to normal. Other then just leaving the card out is there any hints as to what I can change here. Another thing I noticed and too much time has passed to pin point if this can be the real cause, if my neighbor has is router turned on my wireless card tries to connect. To bad I didn't have the WEP key.
Anyway any ideas?