Before I begin with my main issue, I'd like to point out a few things with my newest installation of Ubuntu 10.04.01 LTS 64 bit. If you'd like to get to the point of the thread, please scroll down to the bolded To the point portion of the thread. Thanks!

Basically on a bored, drunken night I decided I'd like to install the latest (long term support) version of Ubuntu on my computer. In the past, I've had to abandon Ubuntu and it really wasn't it's fault; I like to watch flash videos. Like, when I really think about it it's disturbing how many flash videos I'll sit through some times. Sometime after the 5.04 build of Ubuntu Adobe seemed to have screwed up Flash support (thinking it was just an Ubuntu issue, it became the standard on other distributions I'd try). Now it seems as though with the nonfree packages and Chrome (maybe it was Firefox all along), I can get back to watching my stupid cat videos on the Internet.

One other reason I decided to make my move was because I had no real reason to keep Windows 7 around. Granted, I'm not Linux fan boy and think 7 is brilliant, but I use my home computer to do the bare minimum of Internet browsing, email, and Skyping (thankfully the latest beta allows for group calls, now my PS3 buddies and I can coordinate like we usually do).

That being said, there is one thing in particular that makes my computer extremely helpful. I own a PS3 and have moved my gaming from PC to PS3 all around. The router we have is a bit flaky with the PS3 wireless - somehow, whenever the two devices connect, the network craps out and cannot resolve addresses (sometimes even temporarily powering off), etc. To get around this, back in Windows I'd do the Internet Connection Sharing trick that would mean I get my Internet from my wireless card, then route all traffic between my Ethernet card to the PS3 which has been pretty awesome.

To the point: In order to use this method in Ubuntu, through the Network Manager Applet, I first configure my Wireless connection to the router, then with the LAN connection I set up my own manual connection and have it set to "Shared to other computers" which has been working thus far with my recent few rounds of Bad Company 2.

My question is, is that I'd like to make a fail safe - I've checked my computer to make sure something like hibernation or sleep won't come on when I get into some longer sessions of gaming and not cut the connection. How can I ensure this? I believe I've seen some Power Management options, but I'm not quite sure. Sometimes it's not even a long gaming session, I'll just have to leave my PS3 on for a period of time to download updates to it. I just want to make sure that I can ensure a connection from when I need it up to when it's done, even if I'm not particularly around. I hope that makes sense.