Hi, I installed 2 Linux distros on the same HD. For the first distro I made the following partitions; /boot, /, /home/ and a swap partition.

For the second distro I just made the /, /home partitions.

Originally I had Dual boot set-up with Kubuntu 11.04 and W7 on separate hard drives. Using EasyBCD in Windows I was able to setup Grub so that W7 was my default OS and Kubuntu my other OS.

Now that I installed the other Distro, the Grub selection boots into the second Distro, and I have no way of booting into Kubuntu, but the partitions that belong to Kubuntu do mount.

I tried updating Grub using
in a console in the second distro, but when I reboot I only have the option of 2 OS's; Windows, and the second distro.

I tried using the BCD tool in windows but it only lets my point to the partition, not a folder, so I can only select the /boot partition which the second distro took over.

I would like to be able to boot in all 3 OS's.

I'm sorry if this has been answered before but I've been working on this for a day now, reading the forums, and I've made some progress compared to where I was. I just need to get Grub to point to Kubuntu.