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Thread: Partition table messed up - hundreds of "ghost" partitions

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    [SOLVED] Partition table messed up - hundreds of "ghost" partitions

    This all started with an attempt to restore a Windows partition. I don't know exactly where, but something went *very* wrong. Grub was obviously destroyed, and when I tried to recreate it, I couldn't. I'm now locked out of my system, and I can't do anything because the partition table of the hard disk is messed up... It had 10 or 11 partitions, but now it shows about 260. The first few seem "legitimate" but the following 250 are just many copies of two of the "legitimate" ones. (see my other post about GRUB for details...)
    So, how can I try to recover my partitions? Is there a way to "recreate" the partition table? I tried downloading the GParted livecd, but it crashes with a Out of Memory kernel panic... maybe too many partitions?

    Any ideas? I'm really at a loss...

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