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Thread: lubuntu desktop graphical issues

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    lubuntu desktop graphical issues

    Hi all,

    I'm experiencing graphical problems with several things on my Lubuntu installation. For example, 'partial-transparent' windows on my desktop. Have a look at the attachment. You see a youtube video right through the terminal window. These things happen e.g. with the xfce-terminal, but also with other programs. (The default LXterminal worked even worse, so I istalled xfce-terminal.) I also get black rectangles in the left-upper-corner of my screen.

    I'm running Lubuntu 11.04, Lxde desktop, Nvidia drivers, graphics processor: GeForce G210M.

    A good thing to mention is the following:
    When I go to system tools->additional drivers, it says:
    "No proprietary drivers are used on this system.", though I installed an nvidia driver as far as I know.
    See also the attachment for further info.

    Any help is appreciated.
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