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Thread: Best FTP server for my needs?

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    Post [SOLVED] Best FTP server for my needs?

    Hey guys,
    I'm trying to find a ftp server best for my needs. I'm pretty new to ubuntu Linux (Mac user - Winslowz hater ) but I did my homework and found a few FTP servers:
    - vsftpd
    - proftpd
    - pure-ftp

    if you have any more that I might like, please write me below...

    My situation:
    I'm pretty familiar with Terminal, so a command line is no problem. I've done some programing for iOS and Mac. (and I also hosted a FTP before - but through crappy Winblowz). Although, I would be delighted if there is a GUI FTP server. I'm not too much concerned about security, I would only host some stuff I want to share with friends etc, nothing too important. A next problem is my PC is quite crappy, I've got a small hard drive, thats why I'd like to share my HUGE external drives...

    The computer which I will use for the server, is just standing around, I won't need to use it for other stuff (work). Its only usage is the server.

    What I'm looking for:
    - something more less easy to use (both Terminal/GUI accepted)
    - [IMPORTANT] something with good documentation + tutorials and how-tos on the internet
    - how I said, security isn't AS important for me
    - the FTP server would be used only for private usage - sharing larger files / photos with friends, family...
    - [IMPORTANT] virtual user support!
    - I'd like to be able to create user groups, where I can specify which folders which group might access. I'd also like to share my external HDDs.
    - I'm not looking for something that would need advanced administration (checking every few days...) It would only stand in my cellar and do it's job... Maybe I'll update, add a user etc... here and there, I'm willing to give up a few hours setting it up, but not that I spend 3 hours every week on it.

    If you guys have any advice for me or any more questions, please write below.
    If you got a answer, about which FTP server is suited best for me, also tell me why you think so.
    If you got any good site telling me how to set it up, also write me

    Thanks a lot in advance!!!
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