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    I got this laptop around nine months ago, and it came pre-installed with Windows 7 and Windows Vista. I didn't really care much for them, just checked to make sure they worked (they both did), then installed Ubuntu in a dual (triple?) boot. Ubuntu's been working perfectly ever since, but ever since I installed Ubuntu, I can't get into Windows. I have a feeling I might have messed something up while re-partitioning, or something of that nature. Windows 7 and Vista are still on GRUB at the bottom, but when I try to load 7, it says there was an error and I can either boot into safe launch/recovery mode or start normally. Choosing the safe launch tells me that there's an issue with it and I can fix it by inserting the Windows installation disk and selecting repair. However, since this came pre-installed with Windows, I do not have that disk. Choosing to start normally starts to load Windows, the logo starts to fill in like it normally does on seven, then about halfway through it stops and blue screens on me. Uh oh. I believe it said something about the device not working right or something.

    I don't really need Windows, but there are some games that I can't get working in Wine, so I figured I'd finally get around to fixing it.

    So, what do I need to do? Edit the partitions? Tell grub which device it needs to boot into if it's booting into the wrong one? I'm not sure really what to do.

    Oh, but to be clear, all the Windows stuff is still there, it's not like it got wiped. I can access the Windows filesystem through Ubuntu, and everything looks like it's still there and fine, I just can't boot into it.

    I can look up any info you need, right now I'm on 10.10, if that helps any, and I installed off a liveCD.
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