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Thread: Synchronize Multiple Web Servers (rsync?)

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    Synchronize Multiple Web Servers (rsync?)

    I have a clustered Ubuntu server layout that looks like this:

    Server A - Web Server (Primary)
    Server B - Web Server (Secondary)
    Server C - Database Server (Master)
    Server D - Database Server (Slave)
    Server E - Load Balancer
    Server F - Load Balancer
    Multiple web sites are hosted on Server A in each users /home/$name/public_html directory (e.g. /home/aaa/public_html, /home/bbb/public_html, etc.).

    For the Load Balancer (Servers E/F) to function properly, Server A's /home directory (where files are stored) must always be in sync with Server B's /home directory.

    Is the best way to implement this using rsync? If so, how do people set that up? I found a few websites on the subject -- none of them were very detailed.

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    Re: Synchronize Multiple Web Servers (rsync?)

    Personally I would say just create a script to rsync the two server's and set it as a cron job.

    That seems like the most straight forward way to do it.

    This gives a pretty simple breakdown of using it (its a copy of the man page)
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