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Thread: How To: Use USAA Deposit@Home on 10.04 Lucid

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    Re: How To: Use USAA Deposit@Home on 10.04 Lucid

    Hey guys! Great news I have just been able to preview an update to USAA's deposit at home feature which will allow for unsupported systems (including ours) to be used without a bunch of spoofing. The update will roll out on September 23rd and should be available the following day. I haven't been able to test a check yet but the below screenshot's show what the initial interface looks like.

    I am using the official 64 bit java plugin so don't know how icedtea compatibility is but hopefully there shouldn't be any issues. If there are please post them after the 24th and I'll pass them along.

    Hope everyone likes this as much as me.

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