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    Lightbulb Lubuntu - One Stop Thread

    The information in this thread has been moved to

    A thread for discussion of the wiki page only can be found here

    Edit bodhi.zazen:

    The forums staff appreciates the dedication and hard work amjjawad has put into the Lubuntu One Stop Thread and recognizes that this thread is an invaluable resource to the Lubuntu community.

    However, we now have a thread that has over 500 posts with nuggets of information scattered about it that are impossible to find, and thus does not meet up to forums standards for tutorials

    As per this thread, we would like to see the information on this thread relocated to the wiki. The advantages of the wiki are that it is Community maintained, peer reviewed, easier to maintain, and easier to find information as compared to a 500 + thread on the forums.

    We have staff available to help with convert the information to the wiki, we have asked amjjawad for assistance, and we are also asking the lubuntu community to participate. The wiki is community maintained.

    bodhi.zazen has been working on a script to help convert forums posts -> wiki syntax. [link to script on wiki].

    nothingspecial has volunteered from the forums staff to assist the lubuntu community.

    See also :
    Lubuntu Documentation Team

    LOST(Lubuntu One Stop Thread)
    (Previously known as: Lubuntu 11.04 - HOWTOs/Guides)

    Hello and Welcome to Lubuntu One Stop Thread, the best place to know more about Lubuntu. Hope you enjoy and find what you were looking for and if you didn't, that is not a problem at all.

    I have started this thread with two HOWTOs/Guides for Lubuntu but day after day, I realized that Lubuntu Community specifically and Ubuntu Community generally need something beyond that. Thus, I have decided to make this thread as "One Stop Thread" for Lubuntu which means it will contain EVERYTHING about Lubuntu. I'll make sure to update it on daily basis.

    As always, I'm waiting for any suggestions/feedback/question you may have so please, feel home.

    Thank you so much for choosing and using Lubuntu.
    Because of YOU, Lubuntu has reached where it's right now and because of YOU, Lubuntu will continue dazzling everyone.

    Any thing will be posted here (Guides/HOWTOs/Tutorials/etc) must be tested first to ensure it will work on everyone's machine. My Guides/HOWTOs will be tested before posting so please make sure yours are tested too.

    HOWTO Use Lubuntu One Stop Thread?

    Kindly STICK to this gentle reminder as long as you are here:

    FOR MORE information, please read this:

    Please have a look at this simple and short guide.

    Also, please have a look at: How To Write an Informative and Detailed Thread


    1. Lubuntu Website
    2. Lubuntu on Wikipedia
    3. Lubuntu on Distrowatch
    4. Lubuntu on Launchpad
    5. Lubuntu on Ubuntu Wiki
    6. Lubuntu on Community Documentation
    7. Lubuntu Documentation
    8. Lubuntu on Facebook
    9. Lubuntu Group on Facebook
    10. Lubuntu on Google+
    11. Lubuntu Blog
    12. LXDE on Facebook
    13. LXDE
    14. LXDE Forum
    15. Lubuntu Fan Page on Facebook (unofficial)
    16. Lubuntu Team
    17. Lubuntu One Stop Thread on the Wiki Pages
    18. Lubuntu One Stop Thread on Facebook - Fan Page - Like and Invite your friends
    19. Lubuntu on OMG Ubuntu
    20. Get Involved
    21. Developers
    22. Contact Us
    23. Lubuntu One Stop Group

    1. Download Lubuntu
    2. Installing Lubutnu
    3. Frequently Asked Questions
    4. Lubuntu Official Guides (FAQs - Guides)
    5. Lubuntu Official Work Around (FAQs - Work Around)
    6. Lubuntu Guides/HOWTOs on LOST
    7. How to ask for Help on Ubuntu Forum
    8. Lubuntu Screencasts
    9. Lubuntu Threads on Ubuntu Forum
    10. Lubuntu Tips, Tricks and Tweaks (LTTT) NEW

    1. Lubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) - Announcement
    2. Lubuntu 12.04 Release Notes
    3. Download Lubuntu 12.04
    4. Applications
    5. Reporting Bug

    To be updated soon!

    1. Lubuntu 12.10
    2. Development
    3. Discussion (Ubuntu +1 (QQ))
    4. Lubuntu 12.10 Testing - From Alpha1 until The Final Release

    1. Lubuntu Has Breathed New Life Into My Old Machine
    2. How Many Switched/Shifted from Ubuntu to Lubuntu?
    3. Lubuntu's Rank on Distrowatch - Monthly Review
    4. Lubuntu Communications Team - Polls NEW

    1. Other Distributions with LXDE
    2. Boot Repair
    3. GRUB Customizer
    4. Boot Info Script
    5. UNetbootin
    6. Plop Boot Manager
    7. Conky
    8. Root Sudo
    9. Running Sudo Graphically
    10. Master Boot Record (MBR)
    11. Disk Partitioning
    12. MD5SUM
    13. MD5 Hashes
    14. Very nice Wallpapers for your Desktop
    15. Linux is not Windows
    16. Linux ate my RAM
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