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Thread: Touchpad problems - the same on 2 different laptops

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    Exclamation Touchpad problems - the same on 2 different laptops

    The existing problems seem to be different from what I'm experiencing, so a new post seems in order:

    Me and my girlfriend both have Toshiba laptops running Ubuntu. Mine is about 4 years old and has had just about every version since 07.04. My girlfriend has had hers for 2 years or so.

    current 'specs':
    Toshiba Satellite P200-14N running 10.04
    Toshiba Satellite A300-204 running 10.10

    The touchpad on the A300 stopped working last week sometime. The left/right buttons under the touchpad work as normal. The P200 started sometime this week and has the same symptoms. The only difference is that the pointer on the P200 moves a little more than the A300 one AND it worked normally for about 2 hours 2 days ago. After booting today it was not working again

    Naturally Google got some overtime this week, but all the 'normal' problems and solutions don't apply it seems.

    - The touchpads don't work normally in the login screen.
    - removing the .gconf and .gconfd folders from my home folder for a reset doesn't work.
    - modifying the grub options doesn't work (something with i8042 in it?).
    - disabling and re-enabling the touchpad doesn't work.
    - ...

    I think it has something to do with the multitouch update, but that might just be coincidence. I do not believe it's a hardware problem, since it's two entirely different laptops on different versions of Ubuntu. Also, for all the strange incompatibilities I've struggled through in the last years, the touchpad has NEVER before given ANY problem whatsoever.

    Basically, I'm at a loss here.

    (here's the kicker: because I'm not used to an external mouse on this laptop, I;m instinctively using the touchpad after typing all this and it seems to be a little better than a few minutes ago, but it's still nowhere near normal.)

    Does anybody have any idea?

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    Re: Touchpad problems - the same on 2 different laptops


    the most bizarre thing ever:
    I removed the plug from the laptop, to do some cable management. After plugging it back in the touchpad stopped working again.

    this is on the P200 laptop, with 11.04 installed (not using unity, but gnome 2)

    taking the plug out gives me touchpad control again, putting in cripples it.

    surely somebody must find this an interesting challenge and can help me out here?


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