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    USB2VGA (0711:5100) - Tritton XD300, MWS300, Startech ...

    2011-09-13 Update: I can confirm that video on the Tritton XD300 (0711:500 - Trigger 1+) functional w/ the drivers and configuration on MaX 6.5RC2 w/ max-multiseat package installed. To make it work I had to use a USB to PS2 splitter in the USB port next to the sound input and output.

    I bought an XD300 and I'd like to get it working with something other then Windows. The key element that doesn't work out-of-the-box with Ubuntu is the USB2VGA video adapter.

    The Hardware - MCT 0711:5100 Trigger 1+ chipset

    That device is (see lsusb output):
    ID 0711:5100 Magic Control Technology Corp.
    This chipset is also known as the MCT Trigger 1+

    The device is also used by a few other OEMs in a few other devices...

    My goal with this thread is to hopefully weave together all of the other threads here and on launchpad with other folks who have done work on this in an effort to "concentrate our fire" and get a workable solution.


    It looks like there was a driver that was started by MCT based off of the sisusbvga kernel (probably for another OEMs project) and that was provided to "Samir Saidani" (saidani at tuxfamily org), that effort got the device to detect, but it was not usable (his wiki w/ instructions and driver tarballs).

    Emergence of support for MWS300 in a Debian-based distro

    Skip ahead some time and a number of commits by Mario Izquierdo (mariodebian at gmail com) 1 2 3 appear on a educational Linux distro called MAX/EducaMadrid based out of Madrid, Spain which seems to suggest support for MWS300 multipoint workstations as well as DisplayLink based devices for classrooms (aka USBSeats).

    Mario also posted a blog posting about another device powered by MCT Trigger 1+ here

    Here's a video showing off Trigger 1+ based MWS300 clients being used to power a classroom, 6-usb video cards per desktop server.

    Stuff to hack on

    There are some i386/AMD64 packages for XOrg.conf at these links, and there maybe kernel drivers for trigger usb, etc in the kernel of the distro itself which is downloadable from

    Anyone game to have another go at getting this working?

    Other background reading
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