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Thread: KVM - See another user's virtual machine

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    KVM - See another user's virtual machine

    Hi everybody,

    I am new here. I hope to help some day.
    But now i need your help.

    I have a machine with Ubuntu wich have 2 users (User1 and User2).
    I installed KVM while i was login in User1, And I installed WinXP as Virtual Machine.

    With the User2 i can see the KVM and Virt-Manager but, I can't see the WinXp Virtual Machine.

    How can I do to see the WinXP virtual machine installed by User1?

    I placed users in the same group.

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    Re: KVM - See another user's virtual machine

    Use a VNC server =)

    Install a server in windows, and connect from any client.

    Just take care not to use VNC over the internet (OK on a LAN).
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