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Thread: Reformated swap, and now no boot, please help

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    Exclamation Reformated swap, and now no boot, please help

    So, i was trying to switch from ubuntu 11.04 with gnome 3 to fedora 15, and i livebooted fedora, and in an attempt to install fedora i shrunk the swap partition (8.1gb at the time, i went a little overboard) down to about 1.5ish gb, so i deleted my swap partition, and formated 1.5 gb as swap, and i believe it was default named "New Volume" which i left it as, and i left the rest of the space unformated, and now, when i try to boot, it cant load grub and gives me a command line that says "grub rescue> " so best i can figure i need to rename the swap partition what it used to be named, except i have no idea how to do this, so, 1) is it possible? 2) If so, how? and 3) If not, would reinstalling windows from an install disc solve the problem, or are there any other possible solutions? Thank you for all your help, i really hope this is fixable :/

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    Re: Reformated swap, and now no boot, please help

    Why don't you consider the option of reinstalling the GRUB..?

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