On my Lubuntu box, after I installed Wine (I use the beta version), it placed a Wine category in my main menu (between Sound & Video and System Tools). Yesterday I was working with Starcraft, trying to get it to run in Wine more efficiently by trying different settings--so I was going into that menu frequently. Somewhere along the way I must have pushed a wrong button or done something I shouldn't with the mouse or something, and now it's disappeared. It doesn't seem to have moved to a submenu somewhere; it's just gone. Anyone know how to get it back?

I've tried reinstalling Wine over the top. I've tried removing it, then installing the non-beta version, but the Wine menu didn't come back. I then removed the non-beta Wine, installed the beta Wine, and still it didn't come back.

I could try a Complete Removal of Wine, but I hate to reinstall all my Windows software over again just for this Wine menu. Anyone have any ideas?