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Thread: Accounts <50 posts permissions changes : dealing with spam.

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    Accounts <50 posts permissions changes : dealing with spam.


    We will be taking away profile customization from users having less than 50 beans (beans are posts in the support sections). We are quite sorry about that, but currently it takes at least one hour from 2-3 persons, each day, to clean profile spam. New users register only to fill the account with spam links, pics and things.

    We have waited for a long time before deciding we would be less friendly to genuine new users, but we are quite tired of spending so much human resources on so little interesting tasks.

    Once an account has 50 beans, all profile customization (including avatar and signature) will be available.

    If you have an account < 50 beans, your customization will not be lost and you'll have access again to all the info once you hit 50 beans.

    A script is running every hour on the active (logged in) accounts to adjust the permissions (the usergroups more precisely).

    If an account > 50 beans has not been active over the last month, it will take at most an hour for it to be bumped in the proper usergroup and have all the shiny and sparkling personal touch back.
    For people who have logged in at least once over the last month, it should be all transparent.

    Any admin can manually adjust the profile settings, so if you get quite anxious or nervous, please ask in the Resolution Center and understand it will not be treated as an emergency call

    We will change the permissions this week-end (Sept 2nd-3rd).

    Thanks for your understanding.
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