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Thread: 11.04 Monitor frequency out of range

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    11.04 Monitor frequency out of range

    Hello ubuntu community

    a few days ago I decided to test ubuntu besides my installation of Win XP Home. The installation of ubuntu itself was finaly succesful, but the problem is, that GRUB isn't working well.

    After the bios-screen passes I get the error message, that my monitor frequency is out of range and that i should change it.

    After searching in this forum I got a few tips how to solve this.

    Firstly I tried to update grub via the Live-CD. (Uncomment this gfxmode=640x480 (or similar^^) line)
    But the problem was, that I neither could save the grub file nor was i able to update grub.

    Afterwards I tried to reinstall GRUB, but how I expected it didn't work at all.

    Finally I just tried to get into my ubuntu installation by pressing random keys after the bios screen passed, which worked eventually but is just depending on the time not any key combinations.

    Now I tried to update the grub file and grub itself again which was according to the terminal succesful.

    But after reboot i just got this annoying message again.

    Do you have any other hints how I could fix grub?

    kind regards,

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    Re: 11.04 Monitor frequency out of range


    sorry, i made the dumbest mistake which was possible.
    I wrote 1980x1024 instead of 1980*1024.
    Now it works fine.
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    Re: 11.04 Monitor frequency out of range

    how i make installation:

    As your install is a fresh one, you may not have a xorg.conf (not needed by the actual kernel), but if you use a CRT or TV instead of a LCD, then you need to built a custom xorg.conf:

    sudo Xorg -configure

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