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Thread: Which IR Blaster is Best?

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    Which IR Blaster is Best?

    I have for years used MCEUSB as my IR Blaster to control my New Zealand Sky box. Since MythBuntu put mceusb in the kernel (who knows why!) it no longer works. I have had to go back to 10.04 to get my system working. My question is there seems to be a number of options for example Command IR, using a serial IR Blaster of various types, some of which are available on ebay. Which one is the best for Mythbuntu 11.04 or should I say which one has been the most successful in peoples experience? I am leaning towards the Command IR?


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    Re: Which IR Blaster is Best?

    I've never had much other than frustration with serial-port blasters. (Hate 'em.) But I've used the IguanaWorks USB blaster quite happily for the last year or so on one Ubuntu and a couple of Slackware backends. I like the IguanaWorks product a lot. They also produce a serial port version if that's what you prefer.

    If you use the IguanaWorks blaster, you generally need either to use their own .deb for lirc or compile lirc yourself --Ubuntu traditionally leaves the Iguana driver out of their lirc packages.

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    Re: Which IR Blaster is Best?

    I've been using the CommandIR III mini since it came out.
    Works flawlessly compared to earlier struggles with Hauppage and other MCE style remote/blaster combinations. Great support from CommandIR too - had one bug which they quickly resolved and posted patch for.
    Very versatile in that you can use whatever remote you want and you can blast to up to 4 different target receivers. Love it.


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