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Thread: PowerBook G4 - How to Disable Trackpad?

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    Smile PowerBook G4 - How to Disable Trackpad?

    Ok, I've tried all the standard help suggestions on Ubuntu Forums and searched the forums themselves for an answer. Nothing has worked. I've tried powerpc utils, gsynaptics and a host of other apps and command line tools. I've also tried FN+F Keys. Nothing worked.

    I have a PowerBook g4 that I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 upon. The trackpad screws up my typing every time, and I just want to disable the trackpad.

    I've had ubuntu on this laptop before and I had a way to disable the trackpad, but after many years and a reinstall of ubuntu (10.04 in this case), I don't remember and can't find information on how to disable the trackpad. As I remember, last time I had to go into xorg.conf and modify something to "0" to disable trackpad. Xorg.conf looks completely different now from last time I modified it years ago and there is nothing I can find to modify the trackpad to disable it.

    PLEASE help. I really want to use my PowerBook G4 ubuntu 10.04, but the trackpad constantly gets in the way of my typing and it is just useless with the trackpad engaged.

    FYI: Gsynaptics gave me an error message when it was installed, so I can't get to system/preferences/trackpad....even though I'm not sure I can disable the whole trackpad there anyway, which is what I want to do.

    Also: When I run xinput list the trackpad is listed as "ABD Mouse".

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: PowerBook G4 - How to Disable Trackpad?

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    Re: PowerBook G4 - How to Disable Trackpad?

    That did the trick as far as the trackpad ruining my typing. Thank you.

    I would still like to disable the trackpad, however. I despise the things and turn them off on any laptop I get.

    Any assistance anyone could provide on how to turn this off would be much appreciated.

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    Re: PowerBook G4 - How to Disable Trackpad?

    What I use in MintPPC is powerprefs. You can, correct me if I am wrong, lock the trackpad with that tool.
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