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    Re: AppArmor Support Thread

    Ah . . HAAHH! made it work. (tranny profile from above).

    I am not absolutely sure of the meaning of the newer execute permissions. (Known - mrkwl + a. Got - ix, px, Px, ux, Ux.) But what does PUx and other combos do?

    EDIT: RE: "PUx, etc." see my post further down, found some explanation in dev mailing list

    RE: the transmission profile - I made something work.
    The long way round - used logprof to fiddle with stuff and don't dig it, but that's another story.
    One of it's suggestions to fix my Transmission profile was to include a ubuntu-bittorrent-client abstraction - nope. But hat has the execute line I needed for Firefox to call up (execute) Transmission, to open a magnet link or torrent file. Thought there was a problem with the trans. profile, looking in the wrong place: LOL.

    So "r" is obvious, and documented, but "PUx" is another matter . . . ? see later post
    Seems like - use an existing profile, scrub environment, but also don't confine.. . ? Could use a shove in the right direction here, boss. Doesn't seem to be documented yet (where I'm looking ), though I see many signs of new growth.

    As always, thanks and peaceful days to you.
    You'ns rock.


    Looking forward to posting a few profiles for new versions of progs.
    I can be proud of myself even if nobody uses them - hehe.
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